Sunday, April 12, 2015

The street fair

Downey Street Fair

Yesterday was the annual Downey Street Fair, with a record-breaking number of vendors.

Downey Street FairThere were community services on hand such as police and fire, public works and trash pickup. (We asked Calmet why they were there, because, after all, you don't typically have to sell people on getting their trash picked up. But it turns out that Calmet sponsors a lot of city events. Who knew!?)

There were lots of goods to buy, from garden decor to sun dresses (below). And lots of food to try out.

The most interesting food booth, to me, was the Me So Korny booth (right), which sold nothing but roasted corn, on or off the cob. I watched this man stripping the  corn off ear after ear in two quick passes.

Downey Street Fair

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