Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Humans of Downey - Augie


"I'm retiring tomorrow after 27 years here. What I'm planning to do after tomorrow is play more Latin jazz. I play percussion in a Latin jazz band, and the leader of the band moved to Las Vegas. He plans to open a club or work with others that have clubs, and we are going to play there.

"If he opens his own club or gets a contract to play in the other clubs, then I plan to move there myself. I'm thinking of getting a town home of something where I don't have to cut the grass."
~ Augie

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  1. Augie!!! So good to see Augie in print! Augie, you have such pretty eyes, but I know the sun has been shining a lot lately. It's probably your own beaming smile that's shining so brightly you can't even keep your eyes open! Congratulations on your well-deserved retirement from LACOE. You will be missed so much.
    Don't be moving from Downey. Don't worry, we can't grow our grass anymore, anyway in Cali due to the drought.
    Augie is a wonderful guy. When he plays his music, he's so happy, it's beautifully contagious!!!
    God bless Augie Roman and his fortunate family.


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