Thursday, August 20, 2015

Humans of Downey - Cesar

"I've been playing soccer since I can remember. I have played baseball and football but soccer has the most running. There's a lot more to do. I like that because when I would play baseball, I would get bored. You're always waiting, waiting on the bench to play or waiting for the ball to come to you. I like soccer because there's more action, there's a lot more going on on the field and the whole team is always active.

"Two of our Downey teams recently went to Hawaii for a tournament against three Hawaiian teams. My team lost every match but overall we played well and took away a wider soccer experience and new friendships.

"Soccer is helping me to become a better person and a better adult. I am learning personal responsibility because the individuals on the field have to play as one team, like a body with many parts but with a single goal. It's not just one player that wins, you have to work together. And there's leadership, teamwork, and being personally responsible for your own equipment necessary to play well.

"I've also learned more about friendship, getting to know more about individual people so you can understand others and play well. Sometimes you'll be playing with a new player and you don't know how they play, but you have to trust them and then learn who they are, their abilities.

"I've also learned how to calm my teammates down when there is a disagreement on the field. I stay calm myself and then talk them down to a calmer level."
~ Cesar

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