Thursday, August 13, 2015

Humans of Downey - Darrell


"This story is about when my oldest daughter was 8, my son was 7, and my youngest was 6. We liked basketball and we were at the park just fooling around with the basketball. There was just us on the court, just the four of us. We were going through some made-up drills. You know kids, they loved to do stuff and we were always making stuff up. I called a time out and I brought them into a circle around me.

"I was going through our upcoming formations we were going to do next and it astonished me that they were paying attention to me. They were really, really paying attention, like it was important to them. Then my son, who happened to be on the opposite side of the circle, for whatever reason, he stopped, walked across the huddle and kissed me. Then he walked back. I don't know how it influenced him, I don't know if it did influence him. I don't know what it did but I was moved. I thought it was important and to this day I remember it, I'll never forget it."
~ Darrell


  1. Thanks Birdman. Darrell didn't want me to take his portrait so I looked how I could still portray him. What impressed me were his hands. They looked so powerful. I hope that came across

  2. What a great idea to focus attention to Darrell’s hands; because of how studying them set the tone for the background of his story. It helped me visualize his child walking across to him and then returning back to his spot. You’ve captured the essence of a meaningful story.


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