Thursday, October 20, 2016

Humans of Downey - Karen

Karen 10-6-16

"I am most thankful for the abundance even in the midst of difficulties. I had a very poor childhood, but my brothers and I have fought our way up and are all very successful. When I was 12, I won a writing contest. The grand prize was a trip for almost two weeks to Florida for my mother and myself.

"The little town we lived in, without telling us, took up a collection to buy me clothing because I didn't have clothing that was good enough for the trip. They surprised me by having the school principal give me a day off from school to go shopping. We were a small farm town of 500 people and we were 64 miles from the nearest city. In our town we had a lot of lumberjacks and people who worked in the mills. When they would go to the bars during their time off, they would have to contribute to the clothing fund every time they were buying drinks.

"I knew nothing about it nor did my mom. It was a secret until the day they took me to the city. They told me they were buying clothing for my little friend so they had me try on the clothing first. I ended up going home with a whole bunch of new clothing. The town was proud of me for winning the contest and they wanted me to represent the town in Florida. It was a very sweet and appreciated gesture."
~ Karen

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