Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Humans of Downey - Nora

Nora 10-6-16

"I would be afraid to change the house I've lived in for the last 40 years. My husband died last year and my children want me to move into a smaller home. This has been my family home. My husband and I sort of built it together. I am very reluctant to change my address at this time.

"Everything about my home keeps me there. First, my husband built most of it. It was half the size it is now when we first moved in. He was in the construction business and over time he doubled its size. His stamp, his work is in every room. Every room reminds me of him. When I look at the brick sidewalk, he put it in. In addition, all my children were raised there. It was their home, it's still their home. They can come back anytime they want to. So, I think I am quite content and I don't think I'll be changing where I live.

"The day may come when I will have to move to a smaller home but I'm only 84, so not just yet. When I do, I think the fear I'll feel will be about a change in the familiar. What I'm accustomed to, what I'm used to, my neighbors are all familiar to me. I would be afraid of these unknowns. I think I would rather get a caretaker into the home."
~ Nora

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