Thursday, October 6, 2016

The book release


Today I had the privilege to be a part of the celebration of a book release. Every week in the Downey Patriot, there is a feature called "Shared Stories." This feature posts a story contributed by the members, pictured above, of the Life Stories Writing class, taught by Bonnie Mansell. They meet every Thursday afternoon at the Norwalk Senior Center.

From left to right: Eric Pierce, Bonnie Mansell, Carol Kerns, and Frank Kerns.

Frank and Carol Kerns, two members of the writing class, approached Eric Pierce of The Downey Patriot to see if the Patriot wanted to support the idea of publishing a book of the stories that had been published in the Shared Stories feature. They said, "yes." Because of the Patriot's support and Frank and Carol's hard work of editing, the books were published and today was the celebration of the book's release. By the way, sales are going so well that they have just ordered their second printing.

Do you like reading stories that give you a glimpse into another's life? Check out the feature in this week's Patriot.

Do you like to write or would you like to learn how to write the stories of your life? Check out Bonnie's class at the Norwalk Senior Center.


  1. A pleasant afternoon with these gifted writers from Bonnie Mansell's Writing Class.

  2. I look forward every week to reading the stories in the Patriot.


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