Monday, April 24, 2017

Humans of Downey - Julio and Stella #2


"When we first came to America, the fastest job I could find was as a seamstress in downtown LA. They paid by the piece and I was not very good. I was making $3.00 a day and sometimes sewed my finger. Then I was able to get a position at Teledyne in Hawthorne. But the work was always the same, day after day. I earned minimum wage, but we had medical insurance for the whole family. The building was warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It was a nice job.

"But then I got pregnant with our daughter, Brenda. Julio said we need to change things. You need to go back to school. The real estate agent that sold us our first home motivated me to get my license. While I was pregnant with Brenda, I had to be in bed a lot. I was swelling because I was retaining fluids. But it allowed me to study at the same time. She was born in November and I got my license the next February. I worked for Century 21 and was doing very well.

"Twenty years ago my broker decided to retire since he had heart problems. He rented his broker license to me for a few months while I went to school to get my own license. Soon after I got my own license, he passed away. Since then I have opened my own office, which allows me to work on my own. I keep my clientele and they keep calling me. I help my clients whatever their needs are: residential, commercial or investment property. I work all over California and I will drive wherever my clients need me to go. I don't have any other agents in my office because that relieves me of the stress of making sure they are doing things correctly. I can put all my attention on my clients' business."

~ Stella

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