Sunday, April 9, 2017

The care and feeding of birds

Feeding the birds at Wilderness Park

These sisters couldn't decide if it was more fun to feed the birds or chase them. Either way, they were having a great time at Wilderness Park today.

Taking my daughter to feed the birds at Wilderness is one of my favorite memories. And of course, we always brought a loaf of bread. It never occurred to me back then that this wasn't very good for the ducks and geese. It turns out that bread is like junk food for most birds—filling, with no nutritional value. Their natural diet is more likely to consist of seeds, vegetation, and even fish. Bread can get moldy quickly, and large pieces can get stuck in the birds' craws.

So the next time you go to the park to feed the birds, take along some bird seed. Enjoy feeding the birds, and knowing that you're providing them with a healthy diet.

Feeding the birds at Wilderness Park

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