Friday, April 9, 2010

Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market has come to town!

Fresh & Easy opened its newest store on Firestone Blvd. in Downey this week. Today I dropped by to check it out. It has an appealing atmosphere and the philosophy is all about simple (cement floors, efficient lighting, no coupons or clubs to join). My favorite things were the small, neighborhood feel and freshly prepared foods.

When I decided to snap a few pictures for this blog I heard a small voice calling out "cheese, cheese." And there he was, this little guy, shopping with his family. One more "cheese" and I couldn't refuse. As I pointed my camera to take his picture, he bent down (I wondered for a second if he was hiding from me). He popped back up from behind the basket with his little sister held up in front of him so she could be in the picture too. Talk about your neighborhood store!



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  1. This is a story about blogging. You go to take a photo for a blog. So simple. But you return home with so many memories, news, new people, emotions. So good. And then you get feedback from the bloggers. Another pleasure :-))) Thank you for your comment in my blog!
    My neighbourhood store is a huge supermarket (nothing special, globalisation wins), which I try to avoid when hungry. Otherwise I would be so sorry afterwards :-)))


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