Sunday, April 18, 2010

To open, or not to open...

See's Candies Downey

Growing up, my favorite treat at my grandparents' house was molasses chips from See's Candies. As I got older, I was shocked to discover that people outside of California hadn't heard of the wonderful (but California-based) See's chocolates, which I happen to think is the best chocolate candy in the world.

Most See's stores are located in big shopping malls. This small standalone store has been on Paramount for a long time. But recently, it has turned into what See's is calling a "seasonal" store. Now they open for a couple of weeks prior to a holiday, then shut back down until the next holiday.

Apparently this time around they can't make up their mind if they're open or closed.

1 comment:

  1. everytime i pass by there i think its such a crack up, i was so excited when i saw the huge we're open banner but as long as its been there the place has been closed. im tempted to get some walnut squares as soon as the closed sign is down just cuz i feel bad for that poor sees. LOVE deya


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