Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Middle school adventure

There are three different ways to go about writing today's blog. The first is the most obvious, the most detailed and also, the least personal. I could relate to you the full history of Sussman Middle School, beginning with its previous name, South Middle School, and ending with the new addition of canopy shaded tables in a new Quad area behind the Gym.

Secondly, I could delve into my own personal past like I did this afternoon as I walked the halls. The peeling paint on the walls is the same paint I peeled off the walls when I went here. The classroom numbers have the same monochrome look to them as they always did. The Nostalgic part of me wanted to open one of the doors, walk inside and have a lesson right there. The practical side of me told me to drive away because I probably hadn't finished my homework assignment. As I turned the corner of the Gym, I could almost hear a basketball dribbling and swishing through a hoop. Then I realized I really could hear it because there was a pickup game going on on the other side of the blacktop.

The last one is the one though, since it happened today, and it happened so randomly, that I have to replay it. While driving around Sussman, trying to get the best angle for my shot, I noticed a gate open in the far southeast side of the school. The school is closed for Spring Break so I was surprised to see any sign of entry available. I walked around and took pictures at my leisure, remembering classrooms and trying to name the teachers that occupied them. When I was finished, I got back in the car and rode the side, alley-like drive back to the gate that was now closed!!! Luckily the friendly maintenance lady, Niko, came around the corner and opened the front gate for me.
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