Monday, April 12, 2010

Pedestrian alleyway

Narrow alley

The Orange Estates area of Downey has many alleyways that provide access to backyard garages. The surfaces vary from well-paved concrete to potholed asphalt. But this alleyway between 4th Street and 4th Place is a puzzle — it is unpaved and overgrown, it's not wide enough to drive down, and it is blocked off to traffic anyway. Why is it here? Was it ever used for cars?

GateI may never know, but it's a fun walk anyway. Alleyways provide a different glimpse of a neighborhood, and this one is no exception.There are glimpses of roof lines, dogs, old gates, patios, and fences. For more pictures from the alleyway, see my Flickr slideshow.


  1. I love how you captured this, with the warning sign blurred out in the foreground. Nice work!

  2. Thanks! I see you've moved around a lot -- I'm currently enjoying your Beirut blog.


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