Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pretty in pink


I'm not sure I'm ready for a pink Christmas tree. Although, my mother would have loved it. She loved pink. And, this tree was not just pink, it had glitter all over it. So when you look closely, it was pretty and sparkly.

It just made me wonder...what kind of snow makes a tree this color? BTW the tree lot where I saw this one also had blue trees.



  1. It would almost be a shame to ruin this pink tree with ornaments and lights. Maybe pink for breast cancer awareness?

  2. It's either breast cancer or princesses.

    Here in Beirut, it's easy to find all kinds of fake trees. White, silver, green--though I haven't seen pink or blue.

    For the first time I can remember there are real trees in the city--but they're not for sale--they're up decorating the fanciest, newest mall in town.

  3. I agree gogouci, it needs no more ornaments. It also never occurred to me that it might be for breast cancer awareness. Although, Mary Ann, it did occur to me that princesses would love this tree. How interesting they are decorating the mall with real trees.


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