Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A new taste

yougartland 1

I went out again to see the night life in Downey. I thought I would go back to see how Downey Gateway is coming along. I discovered that the first establishment to open is YogurtLand.

Once inside, I was treated to multiple samples of flavored Greek yogurt that tingled every one of my taste buds. I tried Peach tart, Strawberry/banana, Strawberry lemonade and even plain. The way it works is you fill a cup with any and all the flavors you want, and then go to the toppings bar to complete your dessert and have it weighed.

I need to go back and split a cup with my wife. I highly recommend this latest addition to the culinary arts in Downey.

yougartland 2
This is Rachael who helped me maneuver through the myriad flavors and toppings.

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