Friday, February 8, 2013

Mouth-watering part 2

Farmer's market Tropicana

Back to the farmer's market... Earlier this week, I showed you the fresh fruits and veggies. These are the items you buy and take home to enjoy the rest of the week. But the really mouth-watering section of the market is at the other end, where the aroma of freshly cooked meats and pastries make the market a great place to wander for a late breakfast or an early lunch.

Farmer's market dinersThe booth that tempted me this week was Tropicana, one of Downey's Cuban bakeries. These cream cheese muffins, above, were my late breakfast. Other options include a creperie, Salvadoran pupusas, and a variety of hummus dips and crackers.

There are tables where you can sit and enjoy your meal. Or you can just use the newspaper vending machine as a table top, as this couple did.

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