Thursday, February 28, 2013

Connect the dots

fountain 1

The new Downey Gateway, with its multiple eating facilities, has been designed to be a pleasant and refreshing entrance to the developing downtown Downey. As part of this refreshing and pleasant atmosphere, there are several fountains in the walkways.

I was fascinated by the water arch that this fountain created so I took two different views of it. This view shows the fountain as you and I see it in real time. The perfect parabolic curvature of water coming off the slide seems so smooth, almost soft.

The view below is a quicker view and shows the flow of water as a jumbled mess of unconnected droplets that don't form any kind of normal structure or shape. It's amazing what our mind does with a series of unconnected dots. It turns them into something beautiful, pleasing and peaceful. Look around you today and see if you can see the beauty of the pattern.

fountain 2

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