Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Protecting our water

hand digger 02-20-13

I was out driving through downtown Downey and noticed some street construction going on. I pulled over and started to investigate why they were digging holes in front of the almost completed Downey Gateway project. What I found was the Downey Water department overseeing the moving of the fire hydrant water pipe down 10 feet so it won't be underneath other pipes.

The above picture shows some of those pipes, one of which houses the high voltage lines for the street signals. The Downey Water personnel were there to protect our water supply and make sure the project's results turn out as if they had done it. This worker gets to use the hand tools.

chainsaw 02-20-13These workers get to use the pneumatic chainsaw to cut a section of the 10" water main.

measure twice 02-20-13These workers are measuring the new "T" that will fill in the cut out part of the 10" pipe. Each worker has his own tape measure so they probably adhere to the old adage, "measure twice - cut once".

It's amazing what we drive over.

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