Thursday, June 13, 2013

Mexican treats


Downey has a rich heritage of Hispanic culture for which I am very grateful. You see, it means we have some of the best Mexican restaurants anywhere. One of our favorites is Taco Don Chente located on Firestone Blvd. I first discovered Don Chente's when they took over the building of another Mexican restaurant we liked. They were there for four years and then moved to their present location on Firestone next to the Wells Fargo bank.

DSC_0026They have authentic Mexican cuisine that we love. They grind their own chilies for their homemade sauces. My wife and I usually split a chili relleno burrito and an order of four flautas.

This is Evelyn and Nayeli, who are always friendly and refreshingly are always doing something to make my time there enjoyable.


  1. Anyone who grinds their own chiles is already off to a good start!

  2. Nice to see the flags out for Flag Day perhaps?


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