Monday, June 9, 2014

And the winners are...

3rd Annual Downey & Warren Photography Exhibition First Place

First place winner at the 3rd Annual Downey & Warren Photography Exhibition is this up-close-and-personal shot by Cristina Contreras. This is one of those pictures where you're tempted to say, "Lucky shot—right time, right place." But luck like that doesn't just happen, and this is a great example of a photographer taking advantage of one of those lucky moments and turning it into a great picture.

3rd Annual Downey & Warren Photography Exhibition First PlaceSecond place winner, and my personal favorite, goes to this portrait by Nathaniel Alvarez. This shot proves the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. Look closely, and you'll understand the sadness in those eyes. 

3rd Annual Downey & Warren Photography ExhibitionIt's hard to resist taking pictures of what you enjoy looking at, even when you look at them every day. This is George Redfox, photography teacher at Warren High School. He is admiring the third place winner (whose name, I apologize, I didn't get), whose fun shot of an old-fashioned Coca Cola bottle shows that even everyday objects make good subjects.

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