Friday, June 27, 2014

Missao para Juventude, Mozambique

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We are currently in Mozambique at an orphanage that also has a private community school. The orphanage is green and quite beautiful and the children here will steal your hearts. The official name is Missao Para Juventude, but it is really home to 61 orphans. It is supported through an organization in the US that was set up by some friends of ours. The organization is called CFO Mozambique (Caring for Orphans, Mozambique).

IMG_9092 as Smart Object-1Here you see a class of toddlers with their teacher, along with Erin (our friend from the States who has made this place her home for many years now).

Below is Barbara with her class of preschoolers. Everyday they come outside to sing and dance. Barbara leads them and they sing back to her shouting loudly with their little voices.
The school has drawn in many community students and is up to 187 who attend school here.

Since the building we are staying in is connected to the class room, every morning we are treated to hear them chanting their lessons....A, E, I, O, U...among other things.

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