Monday, June 30, 2014

More than just a pretty face


As Joan mentioned last week, there are 61 orphans at the Missao para Juventude orphanage in Mozambique--a jumble of arms, legs, and faces. Who can tell so many kids apart?

But by the end of the week, when we had to say goodbye, those faces had names and personalities attached to them. Here are two of my favorite three-year-old girls.

Tereza (left) and Aila are a couple of characters! They love to play catch, or push cars back and forth, or just hang out. Tereza lilkes to say "One, two, three, go!" before her turn. They can both say their ABCs and count to ten, and will do so often. When they started saying their ABCs before each ball toss, it really slowed the game down! Aila loves to tease, and you can almost see that twinkle in her eye and the beginning of a smile.

And that's just two of them!

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