Saturday, February 14, 2015

Balboa Park

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We've done many posts at our local parks in Downey. Today I spent the afternoon two hours south in San Diego. We explored Balboa Park. What an amazing place! There is so much to do and see. It is an urban, cultural park in the heart of downtown San Diego and it was packed with people walking, picnicking, biking and just wandering around—all enjoying the amazing sunny day.

20150214_140122 as Smart Object-1Dating back to 1835, the park is listed by Wikipedia as one of the nation's oldest parks dedicated to recreational use. The buildings are historic and beautiful with many vaulted corridors leading from one area to another.

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In front of the National History Museum, the path is lined with cherry trees in full blossom. It was beautiful.

And, of course, there were street performers set up throughout the park. These two were my favorite of the day. I'm not sure what kind of music they performed, but it was intriguing—they were uniquely talented.

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