Monday, February 16, 2015

The Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary

Tucker Wildlife Center

Have you ever wondered what kind of wildlife inhabits our local mountains?

Well, I recently discovered the Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary at the end of a long narrow road in the Santa Ana Mountains. The sanctuary was once the home of Benjamin and Dorothy May Tucker. The Tuckers built the home in 1926, and soon after took steps to attract birds to the area. By 1929, he was so successful that he opened his "bird porch" to the public.

In addition to all the birds (which my phone camera couldn't capture), there is a Native Plant Nursery that sells drought-tolerant plants, and a Natural Science Center with this diorama to illustrate the variety of wildlife in the area. And just to be sure you don't go away thinking all these animals just get along, the display is completed by this rather disturbing figure of a mountain lion about to ruin this peaceful scene.

Tucker Wildlife Center

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