Sunday, February 15, 2015

Gentle giants

Sunny Saints

PetSmart in Downey Landing often has special events on Sunday afternoons. This Sunday, it was Sunny Saints Southern California Saint Bernard Rescue. Sunny Saints has been rescuing and placing Saint Bernard dogs since 2010.

Sunny SaintsMovies like Beethoven (and all its sequels) have made Saint Bernards very popular. But as often happens, those who buy a Saint Bernard puppy aren't prepared for the grown-up version. Some of the reasons people give for returning a Saint Bernard? He's so big! He sheds! And he drools!

So as PetSmart customers stopped to admire the dozen or so Saint Bernards, the members of  Sunny Saints shared their love of the breed, and made sure that those who stopped to look and maybe adopt knew what they would be getting into. (And provided a hand towel for those who got showered by the occasional head shakes.)

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