Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A veteran at the beach


Today is Veteran's Day, November 11, 2015. This veteran took full advantage of the holiday. First, my work gave me the day off (along with everybody else). My wife made banana pancakes for breakfast this morning. We then played a round of golf and I paid the veteran's price for it. Later, we went to Ruby's Diner in Seal Beach and I had a free Ruby's Classic burger with cheese, fries, and a root beer. We then found a Starbucks nearby and my wife got a free coffee since she is the spouse of a veteran.

On Monday, I wrote about the fact that Downey is within driving distance to the mountains. Well, it is also only 30 minutes from several beaches. After dinner and the coffee, we went to the Seal Beach pier. It was so clear that Catalina looked close enough you might think you could swim the 26 miles. I was going to say, "walk the 26 miles," but you have to be pretty special to walk there.

I hope you enjoyed your Veteran's Day and you told a veteran, "Thanks for your service."

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