Friday, November 20, 2015

Dispelling the darkness

Ricky Galvez Memorial

The news is full of senseless tragedies these days. The number of deaths in Paris a week ago are truly appalling. But sometimes the magnitude of the numbers make us forget that each number boils down to the loss of a single life. Whether it is one or 130, each death represents a single family in grief.

Ricky Galvez MemorialSuch is the death this week of Downey Police Department Officer Ricky Galvez, 29 years old, who was shot and killed Wednesday night in a botched robbery attempt. His family, friends, coworkers, and many others gathered together Thursday afternoon and evening to share their grief. Many brought flowers. And many stayed for a candelight ceremony after darkness fell.

"Yes, Beauty will overcome. This too we know intuitively and so we bring flowers to express that longing, to cover the evil stain, to visually remind ourselves and others that Good remains alive. All will be made right … in time."
"Instinctively we seek the light and its warmth. Darkness-piercing candles remind us there is hope. In lighting them our souls are pleading for the Light of Heaven to dispel the darkness. Both now and forever."
~ Barbara Rainey

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