Thursday, November 5, 2015

Humans of Downey - Saru


"In my country, Nepal, my future husband and I worked at the same high school. He was a computer engineer teacher and I was a front office worker. First we were friends and then later, more. We married against our family's wishes since they wanted an arranged marriage. I am a Brahmin caste and he is from a lower caste and they didn't accept him so we married without our parent's permission.

"Our first date was at a cafe just two weeks after we had met. It was his birthday and he asked me, 'Let's go somewhere.' So, I went, just like that. After we had gone together for four years, he came to America to work. Then, when he returned to Nepal, we got married and he brought me back to America."
~ Saru

Note: Saru is on the left in yellow. Her sister is on the right and was featured yesterday here. Their mom is in the middle.

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