Thursday, January 1, 2015

Home for the holidays part II


Yesterday I showed you some pictures of the Downey Rose Float Association's entry into the Pasadena Rose Parade. Their entry is titled "Home for the holidays." Well, the float won a national award called "Best Depiction of Life In U.S.A. - Past, Present Or Future." The attention to detail is certainly one reason for the award. This squirrel's fur is made of cotton that the volunteers had to take the seeds out of by hand.


I guess they didn't have a cotton gin handy.


This horse is so life-like.


This tree stump with the viewing slits is for the emergency brakeman. The driver follows a painted line in the middle of the road to stay on the parade route. If anyone runs in front of the float while it is moving, the driver would never know. But the emergency brakeman, looking through the slits, would pull the lever to stop the float.

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