Monday, January 5, 2015

The fundraising starts now

2015 Rose Parade Float

Because the Downey Rose Parade float is financed and built entirely by volunteers, fundraising has to be a constant focus, and it starts immediately after the parade ends. One estimate that I heard is that the budget for the float is typically around $50,000.

Downey Rose Parade float fundraisingWhile this year's float is on display at the Embassy Suites parking lot, you can stop by and purchase flowers off of the float. You can also buy a variety of merchandise, such as Rose Float Association sweatshirts, crocheted scarves, and other odds and ends. Later in the year, the association mans a fireworks booth for the Fourth of July, and sells snacks at the summer Concerts in the Park series, just to name a couple of their fundraising events.

In addition, other kinds of contributions occur during the year. For example:
  • The City of Downey contributes by providing the police escort for the trip back and forth between Downey and Pasadena, free of charge.
  • Local businesses contribute grain for decorating, and foam and other materials for construction.
  • A carpenter from Knott's donated his time to build the house, above, in this year's float.

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