Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Samples Gate

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Even though we are already back in our hometown of Downey, I confess I didn't have a picture for my post today. So, I will share a couple more pictures from our visit to Bloomington, Indiana; specifically the University of Indiana.

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It was late in the day, almost time for sunset by the time we made it to the university for a walk through "the woods." We entered by Samples Gate, named in honor of Edson Sample, who provided the funds for the building of the gates. It is the entrance to the oldest part of the campus, known as the Old Crescent. Like much of the old campus, the gates are constructed of Indiana limestone.

Looking out from Samples Gate, there is a view of downtown Bloomington. It is a fun, eclectic city that I hope I will be able to explore more next time we visit.

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