Wednesday, January 25, 2017

A newfound favorite place


One advantage to living in the midst of a metropolis, such as the Los Angeles basin, is that, although you will have your favorite places to go back to as often as you can (Disneyland, Balboa Beach, or Arrowhead Lake to name a few), there is always a place where you have never been before but after you've seen it you want to go back again.

My wife and I recently visited such a place. It is the Nethercutt Collection. It is located in Sylmar just 42 miles, or one hour, away from Downey. You can visit its website here. It is a collection of totally restored vintage cars in working order. They take each car out for drives at least twice a year. This showroom is reminiscent of the luxury auto showrooms of the early 20th century. Admission and parking are free but you must call to make an appointment for one of their tours.

DSC_0108This was my favorite. I would love to drive up to Rio Hondo Golf Club with our golf bags strapped to each rear fender. How cool would that be?

Cars are not the only restored machines in the collection. I will share more tomorrow.

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