Thursday, January 26, 2017

A newfound favorite place #2


Yesterday I told you about the vintage automobile portion of the Nethercutt Collection. But there is much more to the collection. On the second floor there are housed hundreds of hood ornaments and other automobile accessories. On the third floor is a grand collection of musical machines. As with the automobiles, they are restored to original condition and fully working.

This unique piano is one of only several made. It has 97 keys rather than the customary 88. You can see the extra 9 keys on the left side in black. Because of this it is too heavy for a concert hall. But it has been modified to also have the ability to record any music played on it. It can duplicate not only the keys struck, but the duration and the intensity of the stroke.

These visitors are listening to the piano play "Rhapsody in Blue" as played by its composer, George Gershwin.
This is a Wurlitzer organ, built to be played in a Chicago silent movie house. It is played for you as part of the tour.
I urge you to make time to go and see this magnificent collection of restored and working machines. There is so much to see you won't be able to do it in one visit. I'll be back soon.

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