Thursday, January 19, 2017

Downey trees


The majority of fruit trees in Downey are of two varieties. They are either orange or avocado. Years ago, Downey was mostly populated with orange groves. As more people desired to move to the Los Angeles suburbs, land owners saw the opportunity to increase their wealth by subdividing their land into smaller lots and putting houses on each one. My wife and I live on such a lot. Now, there are only a handful of privately owned parcels of land in Downey that are larger than an acre. But many of the orange trees were left on the subdivided plots for the new owners.

Avocado trees have also been a popular tree in Downey. Their sturdy build (the trunks can grow to a diameter of two feet), their ease of care, and their delicious fruit make them a favorite of homeowners, although they can be messy for some of the year. This avocado tree is not a Hass variety, so the yield is from January to March each year as opposed to year-round for the Hass trees. See more about the Hass avocados here.

What is your favorite use for avocados or oranges?

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