Wednesday, June 15, 2011


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A week ago, an amazing dog was taken away from this world tragically, prematurely, and terribly. He was hit by a speeding car and died forty minutes later in the hospital, licking his human's faces and wagging his tail, still loving them to the end.
Heart broken doesn't begin to cover the feeling of loss. Kodi won the heart of anyone close enough to see his tail wag. His face was always smiling, even during his tantrums when we wouldn't throw the ball for him. His fur was the perfect place to muzzle your face after a long day of being with people.

All he wanted in life was to be with his humans. Playing, sleeping, running, barking, he lived to love them. He loved without conditions.

He was a good dog.

He went with them everywhere. Stores, parties, in-law's houses, vacations, etc.

I mourn. Not in a way of a human death of course, but in a way that I have never felt before. Never again will I see his sweet face cocked to the side like he is trying to understand me. Never again will I hear his bark as I'm walking through the door. Never again will his tail wag ceaselessly for those he loved.

"One last word of farewell, dear master and mistress. Whenever you visit my grave, say to yourselves with regret but also happiness in your hearts at the remembrance of my long happy life with you: "Here lies one who loves us and whom we loved." No matter how deep my sleep I shall hear you, and not all the power of death can keep my spirit from wagging a grateful tail."
Eugene O'Neill


  1. Sorry for your loss. It's always hard when we loose our furry family members.

  2. So sad to hear you lost your little companion. Why do they have to be so lovable? Oh, yeah, that's their job. Our little fur persons.

    Last December, I had to put down my 16+ y-o cat. It was time; while she still ate her meals, drank her water & used her box, she was definitely in pain. During her last week of life, she would just lie in the laundry basket, curled up and staring into space, as if she was waiting for something. Those last moments at the vet, just as they gave her that shot, she looked at me with and expression I can only describe as pure love and, maybe, "thanks,Mom." Then she curled up and, well, went to sleep.

    Another cat came to stay with me less than 2 days later, brought by a rescue agency. I realized I could mourn the one while making a place in my heart for the next, who needed a forever home. Yep, she's weasled her way in.

  3. Nothing can explain the bond between a dog and a human heart... we lost our last best friend, Candy, on March 18, 2011 - the pain was so great, the house so quiet, that we adopted a new best friend, Lucy, a few days later... she has made the lost bearable...


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