Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Man cave extraordinaire


Tonight we met the cutest couple, David and Lilly Betts. We were driving by one of Downey's industrial areas looking for some picture ideas and were surprised to find this building with these beautiful  restored cars in it. Of course, we kinda invited ourselves in and they were so welcoming.

The building is officially for David's business, Western Landscape Management, but it is unofficially so much more. It's actually charming, with tools hung neatly on the walls amid memorabilia mixed in. They even have two cats who roam the place.


Married for 40 years, with lots of stories, these two were fun to chat with. They had a stereo playing and they talked about how nice it was to be able to have the music as loud as they wanted without any concern about bothering neighbors, since they effectively have none. They also told us how friends just drop by and before you know it, they are playing music and having a great time. Did I mention they also had workout equipment and a BBQ grill here?

It was a fun visit. I'm even thinking I should plan to drive this way more often. I might just get lucky and catch them firin' up the grill.

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