Thursday, June 16, 2011

Think before you jump


So, funny story.

Yesterday, I got to my work parking lot and saw a man working tirelessly under this hood. His battery had died. I felt so bad for him because every time he tried to start the car, the alarm went off, he had to manipulate the wires to turn it off and start all over again.

Well I had gotten to work almost a half hour early so I thought I'd help him. Since I had jumper cables in the back, I pulled up beside him, and popped the trunk.

As soon as I stepped out of the car a police car showed up and asked what was going on because he had heard the alarm sound so many times.

I turned to the guy for him to explain but he took off.


Took off.

Into the mall.

I almost helped someone steal a car.

So who's ever car this is, I'm so sorry. Next time, I'll ask for license and proof of registration before helping out.


  1. That is such a funny story. Just think if the police hadn't shown up just then...classic!

  2. That's an amazing story. Good thing it has a happy ending (for you and the legitimate owner, anyway).


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