Tuesday, June 14, 2011

No more bee problem


Maybe it seems odd for me to take a picture of an unattractive vacant lot with this newly painted half wall.

IMG_1379A few months ago we posted a blog about this wall because both sides contained charming pictures of a little girl dressed in yellow surrounded by bees. And, it caused a lot of buzz in town due to people stopping by to see the pictures after an article came out in the local Patriot newspaper.

Originally, we thought the pictures might be the work of Banksy—a British street artist. After further investigation, we found it instead to be credited to "Bumblebee," a Los Angeles street artist. Now, I know this is private property and the owners clearly have the right to paint over something they might consider to be vandalism or graffiti. But, I have to admit, I was disappointed to discover that the charming stencil artwork of the little girl had been removed. Somehow for me, the bee artwork humanized the ugliness of the half wall left standing in this lot. In fact, I went out of my way just the other day to see it. I guess it's another reminder that all things change...and therein lies the sting.


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  2. I drive pass this wall everyday when i pick my girls up from the library. and yes. I loved seeing that little girl. the painting gave you a sense of peace and it was just so welcoming seeing that in an ugly vacant lot. i was really sad when it was painted over. I just didnt understand why someone would of wanted to remove that. but yeah like you said,,... all things change :(


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