Saturday, June 4, 2011

Meet Sue Ann Jaffarian


Today I attended an author luncheon and book signing at the Rio Hondo Golf Club. The event was sponsored by the "Friends of the Downey City Library." The featured author was Sue Ann Jafarian. She writes mysteries and is the author of 10 books so far. She was entertaining and down-to-earth as she shared some of her challenging experiences in the path of becoming a published author.

IMG_3130Her message was encouraging as she challenged everyone. She used her experiences as proof that when we transform our dreams into goals, we can accomplish much. My favorite story was when she visited libraries (in various cities) and put her name on cards in the author card file indexes, confident that someday she would be an accomplished, published author. Off the cuff and charming, Sue Ann was a fun speaker with a personality that matches the title of one of her books, "Too Big To Miss."


Sue Ann has a website and a blog called Babble 'n Blog. Click on the links to get additional information.

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